Using FUNREZ™ is a simple proposition because the underlying ticketing website is ready for use. Service can be month-to-month. Any custom programming, custom technical support, custom reporting and custom content management services are charged on a mutually agreed fixed cost or hourly basis. There are no surprises or hidden-costs! Your only requirement is to use your own Merchant Account for Ticketing Payment.

Our Pricing

FUNREZ™ pricing is based on the nature of your events and tickets and your related processing and support requirements. We prefer Charges based on Sold Ticket Quantity. However, we will work with you to reach an equitable pricing agreement.

Step-1 Create Your Ticketing Framework

We will work with you to understand your event and ticketing requirements to help you get the most out of our service. There are two basic options for you to sell tickets: UnBranded Ticketing (link to FUNREZ™-look pages and sell using our URL), or Branded Ticketing (embed a stylized version of FUNREZ™ in your website pages and sell using your URL). To integrate with/embed FUNREZ™ you must be able to include our javascript FUNREZ Widget™ on appropriate Event Pages in your own website.

Click HERE to view an example of UnBranded Ticketing. Click HERE to view an example of Branded Ticketing.

After you decide to use our services and complete our Event Agent Agreement, we will setup your Event Ticketing Framework at no cost to you. In conjunction with that, we will work together to customize your ticketing messages and workflow to match your needs.

Step-2 Create GO LIVE Content

Event, Ticket and Venue Content must be added to the Ticketing Framework before you can GO LIVE. You may do this yourself, or we are available to help. You will be able to learn about FUNREZ™ using our DEMO SandBox. We can provide a “Web-Meeting-Style” FUNREZ Administrator Orientation Session to help you get started. Our Technical Support is available to help you make things happen.

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